Dysfunctional + Teen Wolf

Dysfunctional + Teen Wolf

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Corrie Grace By DemonSkies Updated Jun 01, 2016

Three best friends. 
One night in the woods. 
One scratch. 
One bite. 

Three worlds turned upside down. 

And as far as the supernatural went, sixteen year old Casey McCall didn't believe a thing. Being best friends with the one and only, Lydia Martin and having straight A's since kindergarten-she didn't have time to bury her face in crazy fairy tales. That is until her twin brother, Scott McCall, and herself were dragged into the woods by their best friend since preschool and Casey's undying crush, Stiles Stilinski. 

A strange wolf like creature bit Scott and scratched Casey, leaving them to figure out what the hell was happening to them and why they were suddenly believing in werewolves. But Casey isn't what she seems to be, visions and weird dreams begin to control-that and the fact that she only seems to be a werewolf when Scott looses control. That and how she befriends the untrustful Derek Hale, Casey can't seem to catch up.

As things begin to spiral down, Casey finds herself loosing control in her feelings for Stiles and struggling not to break down in the middle of the supernatural. What is she? Why was she scratched? And why the hell does she keep having visions of the future? Why the hell was Stiles acting so strangely towards her? Why can't she seem to keep things under control?

Maybe they were just a little Dysfunctional.

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egodeath2002 egodeath2002 Jul 21, 2016
Aka Slaylena Gomez, aka queen, aka perfection,aka...........
hemmings_luke96 hemmings_luke96 Sep 14, 2016
I have glasses and sometimes I hate them. They're so annoying when they keep on sliding down ☹️
LinnettB LinnettB Jun 26, 2016
I wouldn't believe that Stiles likes me either but the werewolf part I would
LinnettB LinnettB Jun 26, 2016
I love my glasses even if I became a werewolf I would keep wearing them
keshapeace1 keshapeace1 Jul 09, 2016
Everyone's like Selena is better but I'm just like yay hailee!!
milliesbb milliesbb Aug 08, 2016
I have glasses and I only like to wear them at school or when I go out but at home I keep them off