Malik - Z.M (Book 1, Malik Series)

Malik - Z.M (Book 1, Malik Series)

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Is it wrong for me to express this kind of feeling welcomely?

Is it wrong for me to even anticipate the thrive of it's bite, the snap of it's vicious venom, the feeling it gives me when it bites into my skin. 

Tell me I'm psychotic for falling for something so wrong, yet feels so right?

Tell me. 

Tell me, I'm still the same girl I once was before I became who I am today. 

Tell me what I want to hear. 

Tell me I'm not going crazy. Tell me that these four walls are not closing in on me. 

Tell me. 



When graduate student, Alissa Lacy applies for what she thought might have been an intern ship of a lifetime, she just finds out how shady her multi millionaire boss // Zayn Malik // really is with his business and how he really earns his money.

A very dark, dark Zayn fan fiction. 
If rape, human trafficking, sexual material or abuse offends you, this is not a story for you.

If you're expecting a bubbly, happy romance, you thought wrong. 

Read at your own risk

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*We're never coming back down 
                              Yeah We're looking down on the clouds*
I thought it said "he grabs a napkin out of my breasts" HAHAHHSDVDVVCC
Welcome to hell love *whispers under my breath* and maybe so some 50 shades...
Why do I think of Kevin G from Mean girls and Taylor swift being a couple whenever I read this sentence