Book Of Aries ♈️

Book Of Aries ♈️

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This is for all the people who's zodiac sign is an Aries.
Can you relate to some of these?


P.S. I don't own any of these.

InfIames InfIames Aug 04
I'm also afraid of nothing (literally being alone in darkness).
I literally say "I know" or "i know right" to everything and bc sometimes i don't really listen to the person I'm talking to I end up hearing someone say something that I definitely wouldn't know and then saying "i know" when actually I don't and they're like .-. what
My inner Aradia-
                              Me: go away..
                              Aradia: heck no
                              Me: *sees something I shouldn't try to pick up but goes for it anyways*
                              Aradia: *pushes me down* NO
                              Me: y tho.
                              Aradia: cuz it crushed u
Yes this is tru we are blishes on this but it's because we don't want none of that towards others now do we :^)
How the literal f*ck did you know that this is my favorite line?!?