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Red Riding Hoodie

Red Riding Hoodie

118K Reads 5.5K Votes 22 Part Story
Broken-Fangirl By Broken-Fangirl Completed

Stiles Stilinski and Scott McCall are best friends, so close you'd say they where brothers. Always have been, always will be. Or so Stiles thought. Something happens to Scott. Something big. So big he tells Stiles to stay away from him.
One full moon Stiles follows Scott into the woods, stupid he knew that. But that's when Stiles mets Derek Hale and he's pushed into the world of the supernatural. With werewolves and werewolf hunters, all that shit.
Red riding hoodie really should have staid outta the woods that night. Now he deals with the dig bad wolf.
A Sterek love story
(season one)

blxebxrry blxebxrry May 18
Qué es más triste que una lectora encuentre su novela ideal y no puede leerla?
OMFG!!! I thought it said it was Stiles, then I read it again and i now know it's Derek 😂😂
londonbites londonbites Dec 04, 2016
I was just searching about 'knot' and 'alphas', now I 50/50 ship Sterek. Hello ✌
anesthetic-iii anesthetic-iii Jul 22, 2016
Reminds when Jacob stripped in front of Bella's dad and became a werewolf x_x 😂😂
Eider_Stilinski Eider_Stilinski Sep 13, 2016
                              First of all, I apologize for my english. I just want to learn this languaje, so I started to read your story. It's interesting!! I'll keep reading :)
LonelyShippingThrash LonelyShippingThrash Aug 18, 2016
If Scott didn't tell Stiles about the bite this would be canon