The Wolf I'm With: Shedding Of Blood (LGBT - Slash)

The Wolf I'm With: Shedding Of Blood (LGBT - Slash)

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eldemeterio By bittersalt Updated May 12, 2014

The time you decided to do something like letting someone you love go. Is the time you were so brave, but regret it in the end.

The time that you love. Is the time that you will be scared of everything that may destroy you.

The time that you are broken, is the time that you won't be ever fixed. Someone may place you back to pieces, but the crack is still visible there. But that crack will show so many reflections, yet only one face, just like a mirror.

Did I do the right thing?

or did I do something that I would regret?

Even if I did the right thing, I have always regretted it.

"Open your eyes." He whispered in my ears. I did as he told me. Infront of me is the large thick mirror that has a crack, making many reflections of the both of us. I stare at my reflections, he's at my back and towered over me. He hugs me as he smiled and whispered in my ears again.

"Pretend that it's your heart." He whispered - referring to the mirror. "There are so many visible cracks, but see beyond i...

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gemac54 gemac54 Aug 16, 2017
No, she a snake and a bish and should die. Woop, I may have gone too far but oh well.
Nightgirl12345 Nightgirl12345 Nov 20, 2017
I’ve read the first book and still im confused about this one
RyuChan15 RyuChan15 Nov 30, 2016
please let sterl and patrick meet again but in good conditions like be mate again
seitsuya seitsuya Oct 12, 2013
I had read the previous book and that was such a horrible ending... even that was because his own stupidity. T__T It really hurts to make a imagination  about the ending... But still, thank you :D
GrooveDulnuan GrooveDulnuan Oct 11, 2013
wow, yehey.. finally i found it now.. who is the man and who is the one who will make him love him... im now confused and im ready to read it again..
JudgeJeanius JudgeJeanius Jun 29, 2013
It's sad how they don't know how the other one is doing. If the one is alright and I wish they would meet up even though I'm not the best place but I would prefer when unexpected but pleasant meeting.