My Mate is My... Bully  (boyxboy)

My Mate is My... Bully (boyxboy)

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Montaya Russell By montaya99999 Updated Jul 23

Ash has been through hell since he came out as being gay. He wants to end to end it all, what will happen when he finds his mate, Jake, which is the guy that bullied him. What will Ash do when Jack finds him in the school bathroom bleeding to death? What will Jake do when he finds out Ash is his mate and that Ash want to kill himself? 

I'm not good at writing a descriptions... Sorry..

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Can I get a hot girlfriend? I'm in 10th if he can do it... wait, no. I'm ugly I forgot. My bad.
He's not that attractive... Also I have friends irl (surprising right) that are 16/17 and 16 year olds do not look like that
I was reading it 100 times already he only two years older than meh
I always wished instead of Edward and bella... it should have been Edward and jake 😏
Yes the emo phase... I c. Well I'll imagine his face with different hair. I'm not that emo anymore. I'm my own brand of emo 😂
Just_Zerkaa Just_Zerkaa May 28
dislike twilight but I liked the final scene in the last one when they were fighting