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Tough Luck ( Raphael X Reader )

Tough Luck ( Raphael X Reader )

41.5K Reads 2.2K Votes 23 Part Story
I'm back! By xXSoManyToLoveXx Updated Sep 17, 2016

You decided to follow your best friend April O'Neil, one day, after school. 
And your whole life was changed!!!
( I do not own Ninja Turtles )

XxXTotallyNotEmoXxX XxXTotallyNotEmoXxX Sep 09, 2016
Id kick her ass, dont even get me started on what i can do in fights, i dont think you wanna here about what i did to this one girl at school
WaterDiamond15 WaterDiamond15 May 12, 2016
him: were do you think you going?
                              me: OMG ITS RAPHAEL!
                              him: uhh... do i know you?
                              me: not yet but you will.
                              him: uhhh
                              me: SHUT UP AND LET ME HUG YOU! *hugs*
LegendaryRosePlayer LegendaryRosePlayer Oct 19, 2016
Oh no I'm gonna end up following her down the sewers aren't I ?
Silvaira Silvaira Dec 19, 2016
Though I would bet every fangirl who reads Anything Tmnt would (just think of the dasterdly things we would have them do~)
TellMyCatILoveHer TellMyCatILoveHer Jun 16, 2016
at first I was confused and with my skills on Google, I found that Stargazer actually is a band lol
_Lucyplier_ _Lucyplier_ Feb 12, 2016
WTF I'm the most violent strong and angriest person in my class my mam saiz I need to see someone about my anger issues...