I N S T I N C T | Jackson Whittemore

I N S T I N C T | Jackson Whittemore

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Everyone wants to be a hero. Everyone thinks that when their moment comes, they'll know exactly what to do. You hope you'll have what it takes to save someone, but not everyone does. And you'll never know until you're tested. Because when a friend's in trouble... you don't think.

You trust the instinct.


In the sleepy town of Beacon Hills, California, resides new student and manic-pixie-girl, Annie Argent. With the death of her Aunt Kate and chaotic relationship between her cousin and a werewolf, Annie and her brother, Sam, get shipped to this new town where dangerous creatures lie around every corner.

While Annie completes her training, she finds herself drawn further and further onto the side she knows she shouldn't be on, as a result of becoming best friends with Allison, Scott, and Stiles. The squad carelessly pursues meaningless leads and tries to unlock their newest mystery - Who's the psycho lizard-looking-man? 

But with carelessness also comes responsibility. Annie Argent is that, an Argent. A hunter by blood. Called upon by their newest threat, her grandfather - Gerard - Annie must not only prove herself capable but also remain trustworthy to the people she cares for the most. 

Fighting her blood instinct to hunt and following her instinct to be a good friend, Annie finds herself smack in the middle of a battle worth winning. The stress and madness leads her straight into a relationship she never saw coming. The introverted and overly, well, intimidating qualities that he has leads Annie into an unfathomable struggle of convincing herself that Jackson Whittemore is just a crush. Her downward spiral forces her directly into the arms of a stubborn, damn porsche-driver that is confident he doesn't need a girl in his life.

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SuperXxStilinski SuperXxStilinski Dec 14, 2017
Mikealsonlover12 Mikealsonlover12 Jul 24, 2017
Thats a good ass trailer and the song Way down We go perfect for it as well has a lot of emotions in the song of you know what im talking about but amazing job now im going to read im pretty sure your book is going to be amazing as well.
purpose4bieber purpose4bieber Aug 12, 2017
This is such a good trailer !! I actually watched it more than once ❤️
-robbstarks- -robbstarks- Sep 02, 2017
velitsianou_ velitsianou_ Oct 02, 2017
The best Wattpad trailer I have ever seen!!! Believe me I have seen a lot.....
ahhhfuego ahhhfuego Jun 03, 2017
Best and I mean best trailer I have ever seen in my life and I have seen so many book trailers but this one is the best