Cracked: A Tratie Story

Cracked: A Tratie Story

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im_just_a_fangirl By Pickosita5 Updated Jul 09

"Hush little baby don't you cry. Don't cut your arms, don't say goodbye. Put down that razor, put down that knife. It may be hard but you'll win this fight."-Anonymous

She just cracked. She couldn't take it anymore. She hated being picked on. She was already picked on at school and by her step-mom and now her crush picks on her, well, he's always picked on her but still. She couldn't take it anymore. She just... cracked.

Meet Katie Gardner. A daughter of Demeter. She likes the one and only Travis Stoll, the guy that always picks on her. She's picked on at school for being smart and not having her real mom at home. Her step-mom picks on her for always gardening and doing Demeter stuff. She can't take it anymore!

Cracked: A Tratie Story


Disclaimer: The PJO/HOO book series and characters do not belong to me, just my OCs and everything else I mentioned is mine. Plot line and story line all belong to me; if my book is similar to any other stories you've read that is completely coincidental.

Oh my good this is story is AWESOME! But the pilot is awful! Poor, poor Kit-Kat!
Green_Zebra250 Green_Zebra250 Feb 11, 2016
*boring old man voice* "are you even listening?" "Bruh, I'm listening now leaf me alone old man!" (I would never say this out load)
Green_Zebra250 Green_Zebra250 Feb 11, 2016
Go to camp girl ,run away, call the police department, do the smart thing your dad will understand.
hello_its_me_A hello_its_me_A Nov 27, 2015
Thank u for reminding me the formula i have a quiz next week