Peaceful Knights ⏃ Captain America [2]

Peaceful Knights ⏃ Captain America [2]

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" Most have been forgotten. Most deserve to be forgotten. The heroes will always be remembered. The best. The best and the worst. And a few who were a bit of both "

Christina Sitma has a dark past, and now, and even darker secret. 

Everything that Christina has ever known was torn apart in the matter of seconds. Her entire life has been one big lie.

As Steve and Christina adjust to living their lives after their break-up and The Battle of New York, they both aim to escape the problems of their lives and reconnect with one another.

But, a new threat arises. 

The two of them stumble upon a pile of world altering secrets. 

Friendships, relationship, and allies are all questioned. Christina had never expected for her life to change so dramatically in such a short time.

Christina isn't sure if everyone is going to survive the consequences.

[book 2 of the precious serpent series]

cover inspired by -voidallison

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AgentRay13 AgentRay13 May 31, 2016
I FREAKING KNEW IT ( It's like Bucky killing Tony's parents )