Afflicted↠ Newt [1]

Afflicted↠ Newt [1]

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❝Get out of my head
Get out of my mind
Whatever you put me through 
I'll come out alive

When the sun disappears and the knights have fallen
And the clouds all depart
I won't hear you calling
In my head❞

~A Newt FanFiction~

To all u metric users out there that's about 4.5 meters squared
reverynnJ reverynnJ a day ago
If she has no clue of her own origin, how does she know what an Asian is? Just a thought.
multicorey multicorey Apr 26
The sentence where it said "Snippets of scences that I had once seen..." It's supposed to be scenes. THIS IS A HELPFUL COMMENT IM NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE I PROMISE!
I think this could be a really good book. I think the whole name thing that you did is really cool.
That moment when u know who's talking by just reading a sentence.
Me: what the f*ck is a shuck
                              Gladers: what the shuck is a f*ck