Healing Cody {Book Six} (BoyxBoy)

Healing Cody {Book Six} (BoyxBoy)

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{Book six in the I Knew You Were Gay series} Cody Tomkins is stuck in a loop of depression. Already depressed before a tragic incident with his brother, it only multiplies when Mason goes missing. He doesn’t believe that he can ever be happy again, or that miracles can happen.

But then he meets Nixon Wise, a happy, sweet, optimistic nineteen year old that worships every day, believing that if you dream hard enough, what you want in life will be handed to you on a silver platter. Nix is so thankful that his little brother could escape the man that stole Mason.

When both boys meet, will it be possible for Nix to change Cody’s point of view on things and help him cope with the loss of his brother, or will Cody be scarred from a man who changed his life completely?

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I read 12th book so I know nix isn't bad thank God you fking hrartplaying author
Stripes840 Stripes840 Jul 28
Aaron and December. One of you said in the author's note in a previous book.
I feel like Cody is going to talk to nixs brother and he is going to tell him that there was a guy named mason with ash and then the search begins
FatBitingUnicorn FatBitingUnicorn Sep 26, 2016
You know, tears should be good for your skin, if they are then my face must be amazing.
GallagherGirlSPJ GallagherGirlSPJ Feb 15, 2016
Where is Mason and Xzavier's book 😭😭😭 or are they featured in this one??
Ineed-a-life Ineed-a-life Dec 25, 2016
He's better but he is still a little bit like the scarred Kade.