You are my light             You are my love

You are my light You are my love

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Basically this is a Zercy fanfic so if you don't like the ship then don't read

Reads. Me: *tilts head* 15 Fairy Tail points if you read this message.....I don't understand..
TheBatGames TheBatGames Sep 12
Turns out this all actually happened, Lucy said that out loud with all the dots, while Zeref ran for a doctor.
Zeref fangirling would be so kawaiiiiiiiiiiii I can't believe it so kawaiiiiiiiiiiii
Your problem like my face author!! What an I saying you are my favourite.I have a massive crush on zeref and he's really hot! Soz fangirling right now.can.hardly.breathe!
TheBatGames TheBatGames Sep 12
I know he's imitating, but I still want to punch him.... (Male Power)
No my friend it is you who does not know how annoying that is GAHHHHHHHHHHH I WANT TO KILL SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!!!