You are my light             You are my love

You are my light You are my love

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That_Mad_one By That_Mad_one Completed

Basically this is a Zercy fanfic so if you don't like the ship then don't read

I'm Laughing So Hard. And I'm Trying To Hard It!!!!😂😂😂
                              But, I Think It Will Be Futile!!!!😂😂😂
flamingwonder flamingwonder Apr 28, 2016
Zeref fangirling would be so kawaiiiiiiiiiiii I can't believe it so kawaiiiiiiiiiiii
flamingwonder flamingwonder Apr 28, 2016
Your problem like my face author!! What an I saying you are my favourite.I have a massive crush on zeref and he's really hot! Soz fangirling right now.can.hardly.breathe!
TheBatGames TheBatGames Sep 12, 2016
I know he's imitating, but I still want to punch him.... (Male Power)
sillykittychat sillykittychat Oct 09, 2016
No my friend it is you who does not know how annoying that is GAHHHHHHHHHHH I WANT TO KILL SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!!!
JeevasG JeevasG Dec 03, 2015
Omg. So freakin funny! I believe u r my new fav author!😀😁😂