Wolfborn (A winner: Iron Lace Awards) Third edit.

Wolfborn (A winner: Iron Lace Awards) Third edit.

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Devon Creed is forced to watch her friends die. Innocent lives wasted by greed and the hunger for power. Tortured, bound, helpless and consumed by guilt, anger, and hatred, she is left to die a slow, painful death, in the Circle of Justice.  Fate isn't done with her yet...  It only just started. 

2017: Wattpad featured novel.
2017:  1st place winner of the Werewolf Category @ the Iron Lace Awards.

This novel has fascinating characters and a beautifully drawn world that will suck you right in. Though I found it graphic in spots, it definitely serves the story. The tension starts building right off the bat and doesn't let up. Beautifully written!

Thanks once again for submitting to our awards book! And CONGRATULATIONS on your first place win for Werewolf! :)

                        Book One:  Wolfborn
                        Book Two: Wolfborn - Torn
                        Book Three: Artemis - Mageborn

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bambuloo93 bambuloo93 Jun 19, 2018
This book is so captivating. I really loved n enjoyed everything about about it. To the writer, I think you are a great story teller and thank you so much for sharing your book. can't wait to see more from you 👍👌
AllyLaly AllyLaly Jun 17, 2018
Lol you and me both...and the whole wattpad too as you can see haha
mamasshortbread mamasshortbread Jun 25, 2018
I’m just starting this journey with you and by the looks of it, an emotional roller coaster awaits me and I’m excited 🤣 and screw the haters😉
bronipel bronipel Apr 08, 2018
Loved this. It  is staying  in my library. It is very well told and I fell in love with the main characters. The bed  of your stories yet, although I love all your stories I have  read so far.
youhoesarefake youhoesarefake May 19, 2018
I really wish Wattpad would stop overhyping garbage wastes of space type novels like this. Give accreditation to those who have more talent in their pinky toe than this caricature of a talented “writer” will ever have.
Tsu921 Tsu921 Jun 07, 2018
Take me there now....from the time I picked up my first book this has been me