Wolfborn (A winner: Iron Lace Awards)

Wolfborn (A winner: Iron Lace Awards)

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Cristal Sieberhagen By csdreamer Completed

Devon Creed is forced to watch her friends die. Innocent lives wasted by greed and the hunger for power. Tortured, bound, helpless and consumed by guilt, anger, and hatred, she is left to die a slow, painful death, in the Circle of Justice.  Fate isn't done with her yet...  It only just started. 
2017:  1st place winner of the Werewolf Category @ the Iron Lace Awards.

This novel has fascinating characters and a beautifully drawn world that will suck you right in. Though I found it graphic in spots, it definitely serves the story. The tension starts building right off the bat and doesn't let up. Beautifully written!

Thanks once again for submitting to our awards book! And CONGRATULATIONS on your first place win for Werewolf! :)

                        Book One:  Wolfborn
                        Book Two: Wolfborn - Torn
                        Book Three: Artemis - Mageborn

One of its kind. Captivating...mesmerizing....
                              All in all a book you cant put down when you start reading
sarithab sarithab Aug 30
Amazing read. Loved the way you potrayed your characters along with the intensity in them wherever required. Good job.!!😊
mishakelly mishakelly Sep 02
I do this with every book i read. The down side is you have to climb back out again.
monkey1038 monkey1038 Aug 12, 2016
This is how I feel whenever I get so into a book that I forget that someone actually wrote it.
lucky30507 lucky30507 Jul 08, 2016
I love that saying, it is so true. Books can take you to another place and time.
wolves_luver101 wolves_luver101 Jun 19, 2016
Trust me I believe you because I have seen other people steal others work on here