Master of All Beasts

Master of All Beasts

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h a z e By Midnight-Ravencrow Updated Dec 15, 2017

"People are afraid of what they don't understand. I realize that humans can lost their humanity on what they hate. And that last sentence alone already scares me."

Karasu was abused physically, mentally, and emotionally, that her heart slowly became numb. When she saved her home, everyone called her a 'demon', and her godfather decided to kill her. While she managed to teach monsters about love, the world seemed to hate her. Step by step, her life falls apart. She lost herself to protect others. Will she survive, or will she die giving up?

Only she can decide.



DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto! Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

[Highest rank: #176 in Fanfiction - 16th Sept 2017]

  • akatsuki
  • bijuu
  • hana
  • inuzuka
  • itachi
  • jinchuuriki
  • kakashi
  • kakuzu
  • karasu
  • kigaeru
  • kisame
  • kyuubi
  • naruto
  • sasori
  • sister
  • uchiha

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