He is supposed to be bad

He is supposed to be bad

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Love By DxMaatxFab Updated Apr 04, 2017

Alexandra, she had to live alone without her parents for a month, and she is only 16.
being the girl she is, she would die and no-one will remember her.

Well, all that changed when she stood for  Peter against Jonathan getting in between their personal problems.

She met new people and made friends, she knew people she may think she wasn't supposed to know or be friends with, she discovered things will change what she thought her past is and will change her future.

Getting caught up in lies and fake people will she find the genuine ones? Or will she come back to the way she was?

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21Quacker 21Quacker Jan 10
Do whatever I want (not partying or anything to do with alcohol or drugs because I’m not that type of person) oh and I’m underage
hasna_dowen hasna_dowen Aug 21, 2017
I love 5sos 😍 and I was legit listening to it while reading this chapter.😂😂
icametofuckinread icametofuckinread Aug 13, 2017
Go to l. A buy alot of food, sleep, eat, watch Netflix, find a bf so we can watch movies and shows an just eat, 
                              An do whatever tf i wanted to do
jenniferannlee jenniferannlee Jun 27, 2017
guys la honestly is pretty boring but it depends on what you do i guess
idrkbuthi idrkbuthi Mar 08, 2017
i did that to a friend last week and didn't understand why he was pissed, i guess it's a thing
bookequalentirelife bookequalentirelife Apr 30, 2017
party👍🏼 and cry then party then cry then study and drink out a starbucks