He is supposed to be bad

He is supposed to be bad

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Love By DxMaatxFab Updated Oct 14

Alexandra, she had to live alone without her parents for a month, and she is only 16.
being the girl she is, she would die and no-one will remember her.

Well, all that changed when she stood for  Peter against Jonathan getting in between their personal problems.

She met new people and made friends, she knew people she may think she wasn't supposed to know or be friends with, she discovered things will change what she thought her past is and will change her future.

Getting caught up in lies and fake people will she find the genuine ones? Or will she come back to the way she was?

Family/Friends: 3% Internet: 87% Sleeping: 5% 
                              *my whole summer summed up
afiogre afiogre Oct 16
Uhhhhhhh no, more like:
                              -watch Netflix while eating Nutella
                              -eat pizza for ever 
                              -play COD
Wolfbear202 Wolfbear202 Jul 29
10% with family 40% Internet 50% eating and sleeping 0% i have no friends
B_hap21 B_hap21 Jun 27
55% internet( Facebook, wattpad, twitter) 30% sleeping 10% eating 5% with family
B_hap21 B_hap21 Jun 27
My mom won't let me sleep over my bff's house for more than 2 days. She is one lucky girl
My showers could be 15min.-1hr.( this is depending on how warm the water is) depending on my mood.