Wolverine x Reader x Deadpool (X-Men Origins : Wolverine + Other X-Men Movie)

Wolverine x Reader x Deadpool (X-Men Origins : Wolverine + Other X-Men Movie)

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Loki-kun By LokiLoveyPocky Updated Sep 02, 2017

So this story are dedicated to 'X- men Origin : Wolverines' movies and you're part of this as well. I won't literally follow the movie script, I'll be changing it bit by bit since some part of this story are base on your point of view. As always hope you enjoy ♡

Wade : "Wow wait-- why did you put Wolverine here?! this is 'my' love story with the reader! not 'him'"

Loki/Deku : "For Odin Beard sake, how many time do I have to tell you!!! I'm the one who's writing this story not you so deal with it!"


This book contain :-

~sexual activity
~Offensive topic may occur so pls no hate

Read this book with your own risk >~< I warn you already!


I may edit this story bit by bit for example my grammar ;:3

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Ginger_Queen_ Ginger_Queen_ Apr 24, 2017
I love that this is gender neutral! But instead of he/she, you can do (s)he. That's what I do in my reader insert. It's only a suggestion!
Imagine Loki Laufeyson at the avengers tower writing fanfic 😂
JadeStoneFrost JadeStoneFrost Dec 14, 2016
Looks like someone wants their little friggin beesnitch face kicked in
ohmygods13 ohmygods13 Feb 14, 2016
Oh your gonna get it now 
                              *SMACK* ya here that  
                              That's the sound of me kicking that mans àss so far that life in an alternate universes can here it 
                               Ok you just don't fûcking say that or you'll be dèad before you can say shît
Emily_Sparda1998 Emily_Sparda1998 May 24, 2015
I can't wait on what happens next and great job on the readers behaviour ☺
yoyoyobitches yoyoyobitches May 05, 2015
I'm so adding this to my library!!!! It's such a great idea, and I can't wait for the next chapter!!!! Please update soon! It would be such a waits to let this story die. Anyway~! I'll be waiting~!