T. A. L. K (Boyxboy)

T. A. L. K (Boyxboy)

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Gabby (Gabs) By gigglegirl113 Updated Dec 28, 2016

Jake Holmes 

Is just your average boy. But a not so average life. 

" I'm sorry what did you say?" 

Was what Jake heard most his life . 

Being a 15 year old with a speech impairment called Apraxia , is hard to live with and hard to correct . Especially if your born with it . 

But after Jakes   grade school  graduation  a tragic accident that has Jakes life in chaos. 

please give my book a chance you won't regret it . Thank you.

ZebraLuv7 ZebraLuv7 Dec 17, 2016
What would be even more annoying is people asking what you said a million times every day of your life.
AngelOfBrokenSouls AngelOfBrokenSouls Jul 22, 2016
Aww sweetie I am sorry I wouldn't make fun of you. You sound cute to me.
-im-perfection- -im-perfection- Jul 24, 2016
I understand him why can't anyone else
                              I swear I wanna beat these popular kids up and the rest who make fun or hate him
KingKaVarie KingKaVarie Dec 17, 2016
This is me when people ask me about my nieces/nephews. Cross out hate​ & add can't stand then you'll have something i would say
darklingofweird darklingofweird Dec 28, 2016
I find it adorable if people can't say words properly. I'm like AWWW YOUR SO CUTE!!! I JUST WANNA EAT YOU UP!!! (♡▪♡)
AngelOfBrokenSouls AngelOfBrokenSouls Jul 22, 2016
Aww I feel so bad for him. I love your writing though! Excited to read more!