Holding On || The Maze Runner Thomas

Holding On || The Maze Runner Thomas

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Ally, By TumblrFvck Updated Mar 25, 2016

What happens when a girl arrives in the glade along with several other boys. These boys have been in the glade for three years looking for a way out. Their memories have been wiped completely. The case is the same for the girl, but what happens when she starts to see familiar faces.. what happens when she starts to remember? What happens when the boys in the glade who infact, haven't seen a girl in three years, not to mention remember any of their past experiences with one, get tempted.


I do not own these characters, this is a fan fiction based off the book and movie, The Maze Runner. Enjoy! :)

floralspark floralspark Feb 22, 2016
Is it just me who can imagine ally from austin and ally doing this
- - Apr 02, 2016
Rigt now newt reminds me of klaus form the vampire diaries😍
shizznizz shizznizz Feb 27, 2016
can we please just appreciate because someone's British they always say love and bloody in fan fics... I don't think I've ever said either of those words and I'm as Yorkshire as British can get!!
Sarina_Bear Sarina_Bear Mar 29, 2016
How is Ally Andrea Russet if the title picture is Bethany Mota
alexandrasgrey alexandrasgrey Jan 12, 2016
ImNotMaddie__ ImNotMaddie__ Nov 26, 2015
ughhh yes! I loved this part the second I started reading it!!! so gooood!