princess >> n.s

princess >> n.s

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"Are you medusa bc ur making me stone hard"


or the one where harry is constantly horny and niall is tired of his f*ck boy ways

:my first story, and possible the worst story you will ever read. this story somehow won 3rd place in the bromance awards:

This has happened to me when my friend and I were talking about her boyfriend "trimming" if ya know what I mean
Just_Me_03 Just_Me_03 Jul 20
⚠🚫NOBODY READ!!!!🚫⚠ RLLY BAD ENDING HARRY BREAKS UP AND HARRY GOES TO JAIL! IM CRYING RN 😭❌❌❌❌❌ make me happyyy, when skies are graayy... Anyone else sing that lol
Is it just me or don't you hate when people use 'ur' in texts? I just cringe! lmao I love this story
Katgirl1414 Katgirl1414 May 03
After reading the description of this story I said this line to my friends they just gave me this look and told me to shut up I constantly tell them dirty pick up lines 😄😉