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Humanity's Strongest Solider Is Mine (Levi X Reader)

Humanity's Strongest Solider Is Mine (Levi X Reader)

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*enter finger guns here* By LevisCravat_ Updated Aug 03, 2016

A previous murderer, thief, and most wanted in the underground. The description resembles that of her savior's,  and though being alone for so many years kept her alive, what's the effect of being separated with the one who ended up saving her years before?
Levi Ackerman, otherwise known as Humanity's Strongest, had just chosen Y/n for his elite squad. He doesn't recognize her, as suspected. Though they went through the same heart ache and mental destruction, it takes four years for Humanity's  Strongest to remember the one he had once fallen in love with.
What happens when Y/n seemingly allows Levi to fall into a coma? And when Y/n is kidnapped to be the queen of a small village? What about when a figure of Y/n's past returns and dies hand in hand with her? 
I guess you'll have to read to find out, whoops. (-u-)

Reminds me of assassination classroom. How nagisa poked karma and he thought he stabbed him.
Reminds me of me but I am Levi and Y/N is Leevy(pronounced Levi)
Hmm. Well. Good for you. You don't scare me. *Levi glares* *I glare back* *Senpai kisses me* *stands in shock* whaaaaat did I just write 😂
Okay to tell the truth He'll isnt that bad... its very warm, and they teach you discipline and torture! It is great there.... I made some friends there too. Sadly not sadly I killed their souls. Whoops! 😊
Me: run.
                              Nurse: why?
                              Me: *pulls out katana* just do it.
                              Nurse: why do you need that? Is there a Titan? *looks around stupidly*
                              Me: No. I just like hunting my prey.
                              Nurse: what?! *runs*
                              Me: *runs after her*
                              Levi: that's my girl.
spookymish spookymish Apr 19
That's a long ass time being in the most stupid squad ever, but cool cool proud of it.