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Lesbian Sex Stories

Lesbian Sex Stories

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doodlezz101 By doodlezz101 Completed

  I walked into the musky scentened room, and took a look around.Naked lesbians roamed the suffocatingly small room; some were watching porn,continuously rubbing themselves, some were bouncing up and down on strap on dildoes, and others were just sitting waiting for someone to approach them. If you couldn't tell, this was a lesbian sex house. 

 I on the other hand was looking for somebody.  Her name is Emma. I have been wanting to f*** her for a while now,but I have always been to afraid to approach her. Tonight is different though. I feel different. Tonight is the night I f***  Emma.

 I walked further into the room, my boobs and butt jiggling as I took steps, my long brown hair bouncing off my bare back, and my long black stilletos clicking on the ground. I looked and looked,until I finally found her,moaning like crazy, bouncing on this girl Janes lap. I took a deep breathe. I heard she likes it rough.. I walked over and grabbed her boobs from behind,squeezing them hard.

 She stopp...

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