The Depth of Torture

The Depth of Torture

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Kacie and her friends go to a club to celebrate her 25th birthday.  Kacie just wants to stay home, but the girls just want to get drunk.

"Come on Kac have a little fun!!"
"Yah and when you have a little fun in a club, you get an STD. I think I will pass."
"Party Pooper."
"Whatever. Hey I am going to go home. Take care okay."
"Yah byee!!"

I walk down the street but can't help but feel that someone is following me. I turn around but see no one. 

"Hey beautiful wanna play a game?"

"A game what the hell are you tal-

Will Kacie be rescued, or will she suffer from the torture her kidnapper gives her. What does he want from her? Guess you are gonna have to read to find out.

Favsong12 Favsong12 Jun 28
Well this is different coz every other kidnapper just straight up tells u their name
LovelyLittleStalker LovelyLittleStalker Mar 31, 2016
I usually don't judge about that kind of thing without the backstory
alex_tucker alex_tucker Mar 03, 2016
I imagine this guy add louis tomlinson. Anyone else? ... No? .... just me?... Okay
lizzielove9 lizzielove9 Jul 08, 2016
Finally! A smart kidnapper! Every other book is like, hey my name is *insert name here* and I just kidnapped you!
kiwitiwi14 kiwitiwi14 Mar 31, 2016
That is a great characteristic to have these days. Not many people have that. 😊😊😊
shadowishes shadowishes Dec 19, 2016
Uhhhhhhhhh. Sounds like a movie I watched..................................