Kidnapped By The Mafia [manxboy] {completed} RE-WRITING

Kidnapped By The Mafia [manxboy] {completed} RE-WRITING

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Caleb Theodore Edmundson is your average, cheeky 21 year old. Works at a night bar and has a bestfriend named Micheal who tends to get into trouble. What more could he ask for? 

Well, that's until he catches the eye of the boss of the biggest Mafia there is. 

Luke Worthington is a man who is hard to please. He gets what he wants, no questions asked. 

What happens when Luke decides to have Caleb all for himself? 

How will Caleb react to this? 

And not to mention Luke's past. He's never got the chance to experience true love. Also, the fact that he has a brother out to get him doesn't help him at all. 

Read as these two worlds collide and watch how bad things can get. 

Will Caleb be ok with all this? Will Luke be able to love? 

Only one way to find out.

PellyBee PellyBee Jun 23
I'm sorry, but WHO RUNS IN AN ALLEY. It's the same thing if you're running from a killer and instead of getting out of the building you go in the bathroom.
TookOver TookOver Jun 18
It's Jesus' fault. 
                              *Looks at a friend named Jesus*
                              Goddamit Jesus
TookOver TookOver Jun 18
While everyone is loss for words, I'm waiting for the butt sacks
TookOver TookOver Jun 18
I'm drinking blood....
                              Cuz I'm a Vampire..... 
                              Next thing you know this becomes like the Twilight Series
TookOver TookOver Jun 18
Was I the only one that though he was talking bout the guys díck when I read "This guy is way bigger than me..."
                              I mean if he's getting kidnapped why not räpe him you they're at it.
TookOver TookOver Jun 18
You can tell it's gonna get kinky when you're tied down to a chair by you wrists all naked and cräp