The Beauty of Pain and Love

The Beauty of Pain and Love

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If a certain Goth was paying attention, she would notice the Latina trying to sneak up on her. If a certain Latina was smart, she would know to never attempt to scare the Goth. So it was a good thing for the Goth that she indeed was paying attention and pretended not to notice a certain Latina trying to sneak up on her, and unfortunate for the Latina that the Goth knew she was there.

A small smirked played across the lips of Jade West as she heard Tori Vega trying to (and failing miserably because high heel boots were so not meant to be used when sneaking) surprise her. She quickly spun on her heel towards her and shouted.



Tori clutched her head that started beating wildly out of control at Jade's sudden reaction. 

"You *smack* almost *smack* gave *smack* me *smack* a *smack* heart *smack* attack!" Tori yells softly as she smacked Jade's arm playfully with her small black hand bag. 

Jade chuckled and rubbed t...

Omg that will forever be my favorite episode😂😂😂❤️❤️
Wait... do you mean like brownies as in... I'm stupid I'm gonna go now..😂😂
pxnk__ pxnk__ Sep 14, 2015
Well, it isn't exactly as I envisioned in the other book, but great job.
BrockenHeartInside BrockenHeartInside Aug 13, 2015
@RogueJade yea... i had some problems with my network... and i could't see the updates... sorry
Warden_Moonlight Warden_Moonlight Apr 05, 2015
@cerynrobson I'm afraid I don't understand your question, could you please be more specific about what you're asking?
Warden_Moonlight Warden_Moonlight Feb 23, 2015
@SuperRockerChick I understand, cheating hits close to home for me too. I've been cheated on plenty of times and I'm still recovering. I wanted the sequeal to get a bit more feely with problems that people can relate to, and I want this sequel to send a positive message to my readers.