Just a Step Away // Ed Sheeran

Just a Step Away // Ed Sheeran

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When my dad died, I was at a loss of love. I craved it, and I needed it. I used to get it from my mom, but she just stopped giving it, like she had run out.

I guess she needed some love too, but she found it in the wrong places, with six failed marriages. She could have just found love in me, but instead she would rather it be with sleazy men.

I was at a constant search for love, and when my mother married for the seventh time, my stepfather's red headed son gave me as much of it as I could ever ask for.

(Contains one smut scene and you are warned beforehand)

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marki_moo78 marki_moo78 Apr 18
This isn't the first time I've read this book and the sequel. It's my second time I just love it so much.
Abbles1 Abbles1 Mar 22
I adore this already even before Ed comes into it and there I'd NOTHING I'd rather read about than Ed 😍 bae
That's funny. So I live in a place where they have this thing called Tom and Becky days. It it's a contest that people going into the eighth grade can take. And so you just go around to tourists giving facts about the town and mark Twain. And I'm one of those beckies
dudewhymeee dudewhymeee Aug 04
This happened to me when I was 10, it sucks having no power in this decision (btw I hate the guy my mom married)
ok thank God i thought it was gonna be Ed and i would've had to click off 🤢^
I'm gonna follow you now because I didn't even know you had one until now then I find out there's 8 and I wanna scream but it's like 4am so...