Just a Step Away // Ed Sheeran

Just a Step Away // Ed Sheeran

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When my dad died, I was at a loss of love. I craved it, and I needed it. I used to get it from my mom, but she just stopped giving it, like she had run out.

I guess she needed some love too, but she found it in the wrong places, with six failed marriages. She could have just found love in me, but instead she would rather it be with sleazy men.

I was at a constant search for love, and when my mother married for the seventh time, my stepfather's red headed son gave me as much of it as I could ever ask for.

(Contains one smut scene and you are warned beforehand)

Iloveyoupikachu Iloveyoupikachu Apr 16, 2016
I'm just like this girl man. Except I'm a little heavy. I weigh like 85 pounds. Not even my sister weighs that much and she's 18! (If any of you are over 85 I'm not calling you fat. Just letting you know you guys are perfect I'm just...not.)
Starfleet-Barnes Starfleet-Barnes Nov 20, 2016
Boi I live in Michigan and the character description was actually me (except I'm very tall)
FangirlLovesNewt FangirlLovesNewt Jan 31, 2016
If my mum had been like that, I would've been like 'Um... OK...'
Iloveyoupikachu Iloveyoupikachu Apr 16, 2016
My moms boobs are so comfy. She's got a double D so they're like pillows and when I'm crying she holds me and I have boob-pillows. True story.
r_purpplelover r_purpplelover Dec 13, 2015
That's just the Perks of Being a Wallflower right? ;)
                              God why did I do this.
Dreaming_of_Ed Dreaming_of_Ed Nov 18, 2015
I live in Michigan and am described just like the character😲