The Unwanted Bride

The Unwanted Bride

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teddy_bears14 By teddy_bears14 Updated Mar 07, 2017

An obedient child is what most would describe Amelia Michaelson. She obeyed her parent's wishes ever since she was young and even throughout her adulthood. After finding out that she was arranged to marry Shawn Princeton she gladly accepts her fate knowing it is what her parents want.

Shawn Princeton is the future CEO of his father's company. He knew about the marriage ever since he was young, and did everything he can to prevent it. His father however made it clear that if he declines the marriage or that if he divorces her after the marriage that he would not inherit the company. He decides that he will go through with the marriage only under certain conditions.
1. They would only act like a married couple around their parents.
2. Both are allowed to have relations with other people while they are married.

Amelia only agreed to marry him to make her parents happy.
Shawn wants nothing to do with the marriage.
Either way, both are now getting married.

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Oh god I literally want her to get cancer and die even though Amelia would be sad I don’t care
MiraculousShrek20 MiraculousShrek20 Jul 07, 2017
I don't like this woman. I'm sorry, but she is getting on my nerves.
Aileedales Aileedales Jul 14, 2017
Wait until you fall in love with Amelia, Shawn. 😀😀😀 You'll regret that. 😉😉
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Jul 13, 2016
Shawn your wrong for leaving amelia out there alone in tbe freaking dark like that,you freaking should have understood her situation and the reason she did what she did you dummy.
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Jul 13, 2016
Alex you go get the woman that you want and to somewhere and get married to her alex then when the time comes for the wedding then speak up and say that amelia can't marry shawn cause she's already married to you alex.