such a flirt~  (marshall lee x reader lemon)

such a flirt~ (marshall lee x reader lemon)

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Your pov 

"Marshall give it back!" You yelled. Marshall had taken your childhood toy... again. "Your being a real pain in the ass mar!" You said slaping him. "A pain in the ass huh? Lets make that happen~" he said pulling you closer to him. "Mar no! dont!- AAH!" your sentence was cut of by you triping over your foot. Sending you both falling to the ground. you landed on top of him. "Wow (y/n)! I know you want me but... wow!" He teased. You got up blushing and glared at him "as if I'd want a huge flirt like you!" You spat. "Awwe c'mon. You know ya do~" he yanked you back on top of him laughing and smirking. UGH! you hated it! You hated the way he smirked! It was!... it was!... sexy. But you didn't want to fall in love again. Not after what you fuckass ex did to you. Specially a player like him! You just couldn't... "mar! Its like you wanna get slapped!" You yelled. "Oh shut up and let me have those luscious lips of yours~" Marshall said as his pressed his warm soft lips on yours. You p...

    ThatOneLilFangirl ThatOneLilFangirl Oct 28, 2016
                                  yEEESSS MY DREAM
    youtubelover54 youtubelover54 Aug 18, 2016
    The friend zone happened for like .001 seconds lol then it went boom
    Dumb_littlef0x Dumb_littlef0x Jun 13, 2016
    Woah. Reader-chan totally wigged out! Calm down sweet heart XD.
    Pxppies Pxppies Jan 20
    Mmm, (Y/N) should apologize too, he didn't do anything to her..
    OnyxRose815 OnyxRose815 Apr 17, 2016
    Lol this is so funny if you've ever read L.O.T.F (Lord of the Flies)
    Otaku08666 Otaku08666 Dec 18, 2015