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Treat Me Like A Lady 〖Claude x Alois〗

Treat Me Like A Lady 〖Claude x Alois〗

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ACCOUNT INACTIVE By _kibble_ Updated Oct 01, 2016

Treat me like a lady! 
Dress me in bows and precious pastel colors, make me look pretty. Smile for me, even when you don't feel like it. Take me out with you, roam the city. Keep me close, hold my hand, kiss my cheek... Be there, right next to me. When we go out, buy me things... little things. Cute trinkets and sweets are things that a lady admire, just to know that you care for them. Carry me around every now and then, sweep me off my feet. Do it for the hell of it, just because your heart beats only for me. Tell me that I'm beautiful, and look me in the eyes... You don't even have to say it. Tell me you love me with your actions.
You'd do all these things for a lady, so why not do them for me?

The beautiful cover was made by the lovely @beatriznobre967  !!

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