Human(Marionette x Reader)

Human(Marionette x Reader)

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Readers P.O.V 

You looked up at the place you were gonna be working at.Freddys Fazbears Pizza.It was supposed to be new and improved.You opened the door.It smelled like pizza all over.You look to  your right and it was a room full of games. In it was a little boy by a sign that said "Balloons." You knew it was a animatronic thing,but they did look real.He was wearing a red and blue shirt,and a red and blue pinwheel hat.He had blue eyes short brown hair and rosy cheeks.He was passing balloons out to the little kids.You started looking around.Wonder where I'll be working?"You thought.""HI!"someone snapped you out of your thoughts.You looked around to see who said hi."Down here."You look down to see the little boy who was passing out balloons out."Oh hello,"You said waving"Who are you?" "IM BALLOON BOY!"obviously"but some people call me BB!!""Oh well it very nice to meet you BB." "BYE!"he yelled and ran back to the group of kids,to pass out more balloons.Well he was friendly.

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Second_user Second_user Jul 01
If it weren't for that sign, I'd say that balloon boy was adorable. He still is adorable,
Don't let the cuteness trick you at night he is a little you know what and he takes your battery's so you can't turn on the flashlight and then helps foxy come on bite your head off so yeah next time you think he is cute remember he is still an evil little fat kid XD I'm sorry I had to call him that