The Monster Inside

The Monster Inside

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♥Alice By SoundScreamSilence Completed

Have you ever felt like you were trapped inside a monster with no way out? Have you ever desperately wished you could cry but you know you can't? Have you ever felt alone? Find out in this story what happens when the monster inside finds its way out.

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i_live_for_poetry i_live_for_poetry Dec 04, 2013
Wow that's how I feel sometimes.  Alone.  Laughing even though I am sad.  That kind of thing.  I really like it.  I can relate to it.  Keep writing!
pinkishbloo pinkishbloo Feb 04, 2013
I like the way you wrote your story. It's very descriptive and it's easy to visualize though sometimes you tend to... overuse(?) some adjectives.
                              The cover is nice. Overall, I really liked the story. 
                              (PS. I also asked for a critic. ^^)
SoundScreamSilence SoundScreamSilence Jan 27, 2013
@WriterFanatic @mongolgirl @thatstheway Thank you so much for commenting and for being honest ^^
WriterFanatic WriterFanatic Jan 22, 2013
Love the cover. The story however is beyond awesome! I am totally riveted! This story rocks!
mongolgirl mongolgirl Dec 27, 2012
The cover is a little boring and could be much better, the story was... interesting. I don't know, it didn't have many spelling mistakes, but something about it wasn't right. It's confusing at first and it doesn't quite make sense until the end of the story.
SoundScreamSilence SoundScreamSilence Dec 24, 2012
@englishnerd3 @SavingSpringTrees Thanks for reading (: @xlhasax @Rebeccaa Thanks for being honest :]