All You Need

All You Need

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CR7Love By American47 Completed

Elisa Ronaldo is the younger sister of Cristiano Ronaldo. He leaves to go to Manchester leaving her without any protection from her abusive boyfriend. In 2008 she gives birth to her son from the relationship with Cristiano loyally by her side. He moves to Madrid and takes his sister and her son with him. He sets up an apartment for the both of them not far from his own house. 

One night, in 2009, when Cristiano takes her son for the night her ex shows up at the door and forces her to have sex with him and nine months later she pushes her little girl into the world.

While out and about with her son and daughter one day her son runs off and is caught by a man so he doesn't run off into the road. Sergio Ramos makes sure the boy is alright before returning him to his mother. When feelings develop what'll happen between the two? And what happens when her ex is a reoccurring appearance?

lindahh lindahh Mar 04, 2015
Can't wait for more of this book iam sure its will be an amazing book