Fifty Shades of Alejandro { 18+ }

Fifty Shades of Alejandro { 18+ }

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Tajanara Scott By Afrodite107 Completed

Book 1 of the Alejandro and Merlayla series.

Merlayla Lake, a graduate of Portland State,  unemployed, 22 year old. She has always been secretly been searching for a purpose. When given a chance of a life time of working for the richest man in all of Oregon and almost half of the United States and few parts of Europe. She is later hesitant after hearing about his ruthless reputation and power hungry ways. After meeting him herself, she's awestruck by such a beautifully,  sueve, ruthless,  intelligent man --who's taste are more than she anticipated. Alejandro Levine a man of many names including " heartless " as some would say. His charms, intelligence and good looks can make any woman's legs quvier . He's the devil in an Armani suit and Italian striking beautiful. And Merlayla Lake might be falling for him.


Made 26/2/15

By Kittkat360

Copyright © 2015

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I thought she was getting married from the first few sentences