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Who Knew He Could Be So Caring (Envy x Reader)

Who Knew He Could Be So Caring (Envy x Reader)

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Lots Of XReaders By katpad01 Completed

(Envy x Reader)
You live in the city of Lior, but one day, evert hung breaks into chaos. Your family died and you have no where to go, that is until you meet a lady who takes you to Father Cornello's mansion, where you meet someone who you end up falling in love with.

I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist, any of its characters,  or any pictures I use (well... except for one)

Everyone here says Lior is from Fairy Tale. I know I'm gonna yelled at, but... I haven't watched Fairy Tale yet...
                              I want to finish Hunter X Hunter (2011) first since it's 148 episodes and FT is 175 episodes.
Lior is a city in East city in Amestris which is the country Ed and Al was born in and Fiore is the country the Fairy Tail guild is in
Lunarfoxx Lunarfoxx Jan 12
Lust was so kind...sorta
                              I was sad to see her die...must've been painful
GuardianAngelTracer GuardianAngelTracer Mar 30, 2016
I did like Lust in either of them!
                              The original or Brotherhood... She just sucked in my opinion!
piko-utatane-fan piko-utatane-fan Jul 21, 2016
dee2exe_finallyworks dee2exe_finallyworks Nov 16, 2016
I might be wrong, but Lior is the name of Fairy Tail's continent?
                              Amestris is the correct FMA term 😂