What a Gentleman (BWWM)

What a Gentleman (BWWM)

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Mwah By NinjaUnicorn2002 Updated 7 days ago

Alia Mason was a shy worker at The Oliver Enterprises. She considered we self average when she was more special than she knew. She was invisible and she was fine with it. She didn't like a lot of attention after a past incident that changed her. 

Julian Oliver was the new shy CEO after his father, Mark, retired. But he was handsome under his thick glasses. He had two personalities; one at work and one in his own home. When he and Alia bump into each other he seems interesting. He wanted to make her confident again and show her what he really is. 

Julian invites Alia to his mansion and what he shows her makes her want to break her and free herself from the insults and abuse from the past.


  • affection
  • baddest
  • blindfold
  • bwwm
  • cuffs
  • dominant
  • hoes
  • love
  • punishment
  • rejection
  • submissive
The_kidSam The_kidSam Jul 04
I'm lookin at all these comments like y'all short af but then i just remembered that im just tall
Crazy-Mea Crazy-Mea Jun 20
When you're 4'10 /2 and have no idea what it feels like to be average height.
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Nigga you's a freakin tree, my doctor told me my height was average and I'm 5'3.
billiejayy billiejayy Jun 18
Bro every single freakin Wattpad BWWM story have the main character best friend being gay and if they ain't gay they wild.. I'm just got wait and see if ole boy wild.. If he is, imma dip.
Girl I'm a 38DD definitely know the struggle. Or when you button up your shirt but your boobs are too big and pulls the buttons and opens in between each button.
trini2017 trini2017 Jul 30
She is certainly a character! she has slight hyperactivity too ....