The Incident Concerning The Alsatian Dog.

The Incident Concerning The Alsatian Dog.

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Rachel Short By TiNyDiAmOnD101 Completed

When asked in the future about her sister's cases, Isabel Winter would always refer to the Incident Concerning The Alsatian Dog. Nobody really knew why, but they all knew about Isabel's hatred of theatre people, or at least they did after she had finished talking to them about it. But when old friends unite with new, could anyone expect anything other than a whole lot of trouble?

-The fifth book in the Alianna Winter series
Her earlier cases:
1.Death At Scarlet Leaf
2.The Merryweather Jewel Thefts
3.A House On The Hill
4.Murder Is At Hand
Her later cases:
6.At The Plaza Majestic
7.Madame Juror
8.A Murder Shall Commence
9.The Impossible Poisoning
10.The Final Endgame

The Toby Smart Spin-offs:
What Makes A Detective
What Breaks A Detective

An isolated house on an island with a bunch of strangers, and a game of Murder too!? Oh yeah, this is going to be good!!
- - Jun 03
YAY I was hoping Hettie would come into the other books 😊😂
jaypvie jaypvie Sep 14
The Winter sisters just have a penchant for listing things, don't they?
So its supposed to be a fake murder but a real murder will actually happen
- - Jun 03
Yes, because the last time you went away to someone else's house and there was a murder to solve, it went so well 👍🏻
jaypvie jaypvie Sep 14
Yay! Nothing like a good murder, fake or real, and there'll be both, I'm sure. XD Hopefully I'll get something right this time.