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The Boxer boys Baby girl[undergoing editing]

The Boxer boys Baby girl[undergoing editing]

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W[b] I T C H By brienxbaby Updated Nov 27, 2016


"He loves you."

"He doesn't know what love is."

"Then show him."


Alaska O'Neil was never one to stand out in the crowd and draw much attention to herself. She just took pictures and she stayed out of everyone's way and was just trying to get through her junior year in one piece.

 Levi Parker was the kid no parents wanted you to hang around and every girl wanted to date. The bad boy of their town. 

Two different types of people could never even look at each other, let alone talk to each other right?


Maybe she shouldn't take pictures of everybody.

He looks like a green eyed Troy Sivan but I'm not complaining😍😍
Wait... he's a 5'5 senior in HS😂😂😂😂 he's so short!!
1COLDEST1 1COLDEST1 Dec 30, 2016
How does he still flirt even though he gets rejected, like sit down and hold the L
madeleineamelia madeleineamelia Dec 03, 2016
^^ same. but i only ever wear skirts and dresses idk why i just think they're cute
Cookies__N_Cream Cookies__N_Cream Dec 27, 2016
I own 5. 2 of them I don't wear. The other three... I almost never wear
Okayyyyy, so earlier I read a story on and it had both an Axel and a Levi Parker