Unfaithful world

Unfaithful world

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Maddie looked at the kids all glued to the window watching outside she made her way to to Becca. Becca had long brown hair and was always dainty in everything she ever did. As Becca looked up at Maddie. 

"Some guy is biting the teacheds outside. Did you see this shit?" She asked maddie. 

Suddenly the door banged open and a smell wafted through the classroom. It was like roadkill that had been sitting in the sun for weeks. A man slouched at the door covered in blood he had a limp. As he he dragged himself into the room. The teacher started to yell at him to get out  when he sped up and tackled the teacher to the ground. There was blood everywhere and the teacher and students started screaming. Maddie and Becca stood watching everything. They didnt scream just watched. Then a figure in black and and grey placed a foot over the man and pointed a shotgun at his head. An almighty bang and the brains of the man and teacher exploded. Zena stood over them and looked at Maddie. 

"Schools ...

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