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The Butler's Slave (sebastianxreader)

The Butler's Slave (sebastianxreader)

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GRELL By GrellSutcliif Updated Jul 23, 2016

You had no place to go,But what happens when you get a job at the phantomhive manor,your life changes,do you fall for a demon? Or does the demon fall for you?

I was watching game grumps play wind waker, I read come my lady
"I'm not that handsome." He said.
                              "Yeah and I'm beautiful." I said rolling my eyes. Then Sebastian got in my face eyes glowing pink.
                              "Lie again my dear kitten and I'll have to punish you. 😏"
                              Then he leans in close and kisses me. ⭕(=^•^=)⭕
MrsMichaelis1 MrsMichaelis1 Feb 23, 2016
Why would Ciel and Sebastian be out at almost 3 in the morning!?
xXSugar_BabyXx21 xXSugar_BabyXx21 Apr 26, 2016
Bassy please, wtf you lying? We all know your hot as fück and have that sexy and attractive   Voice like bïtch please, I wanna be your kitten xDDD
LaiRosyFriend LaiRosyFriend Dec 27, 2016
Applejack: This is bucking pitiful..
                              Me: Agreed..
                              Both: APPLE BLOOM!! BRING THE SHOVEL, SO WE CAN BEAT THE SH!T OUT OF THIS B!TCH!!!
BlazeHeartTheWarrior BlazeHeartTheWarrior Dec 24, 2016
Sebastian:"My dear, don't say such ridiculous things"
                              Me: "what's thats supposed to mean, my mom whipped me for Pete's sake and my sisters got me in this mess"