My Little Lion Man (BoyxBoy)

My Little Lion Man (BoyxBoy)

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Kitty By MunchkinEatsBooks Updated Jan 08

"You're a cute little thing, aren't you?" 

I scoff, "I'm not cute, Buddy. I'm fierce."

Lion Canan. A little loud gay boy. That's who he is. He's the small kid that while not being physically intimidating, can shut you down in a minute flat with his snarky insults. He hasn't come out as gay yet, but everyone at school already pretty much knows. If you get caught in the bathroom making out with another boy, word tends to spread fast. 

And most of all, he's happy. With life. Family. Friends. He's doing pretty good.

Until Benjamin Esmond all of a sudden saves his ass from a bunch of crazy elephant-sized guys that are oddly freightening. When somebody saves your beloved fabulous butt, you tend to want to thank them. But Benji doesn't want to talk. Quite frankly, he seems to want to get a restraining order against Lion. 

That is, until Lion asks Benji's current biology partner to trade seats with him so that they can do a project together. And by ask, Lion means remove by force. He just wants to talk! Being his amazing self, he has never been ignored before. And he refuses to let this big, handsome, quiet, hunk of a guy test that rule.

Throw in a sugar- addicted best friend, a bunch of oddly laid back parents, and Lion's own personal stalker... and you have a fabulous story about the bright yet dark life of Lion Canan. A boy who is crushing on a shadow.

Copyright 2015

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youcantmemewithus youcantmemewithus Jul 05, 2016
smilirose smilirose Apr 16, 2016
So do i pronounce it Lion like the animal  or Leon like Le-on ?
My_Name_Is_Oliver My_Name_Is_Oliver Jun 10, 2016
Your the reason that we can't come out about who we really are
TheStareGazer TheStareGazer Jul 25, 2016
First thing off, when I read the last paragraph of the description I died.
SilverUta SilverUta Mar 28, 2016
I'm going to be listening to Mumford and sons the whole time I'm reading this
Amahle Amahle Feb 27, 2015
If I'm excited abt sumthing da 1st thing I do is STARE nd dn scream simple I'm excited abt dis story yay so aaaaaah