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Age Doesn't Matter

Age Doesn't Matter

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sophia By sophia__louise Updated Aug 21, 2016

Lily has always been the popular girl. Always gets what she wants, yet she doesn't act spoiled. She is rather nice, and also beautiful. She could get everyone of the boys in her grade to kneel down for her, but she isn't looking for a guy in her grade. She is out for someone else. Her brother Alec is three years older than her. Lily is out for his best friend, Blaze. Ever since they were little, Lily has liked him. She keeps it a secret, afraid that her mother will get mad at her for liking someone older than her. Will he feel the same way or will he think that because of her age, they won't be together.

My mom is like ten years older than my dad. My mom is forty something and my dad is thiity something but i know its more than ten years
BlueEmmyK BlueEmmyK May 30 please read!  If link doesn't work the book is called How we fit together
mgtanda mgtanda Nov 24, 2016
I can relate to this cuz over the summer I was just talking to an 18 year guy, I'm 14 so he's only 4 years older than me, and when I told my friends they all started to judge me for it and one of them even started to make up rumors about how I'm dating that 18 year old
omg_its_zee omg_its_zee Aug 30, 2016
I wish my brother woke me up like this instead of putting ice in my shirt
Royalty_BAM Royalty_BAM Sep 12, 2016
She copied the name Alec and blaze from this one book I read but the guys name is Alec Blaze or maybe they have the same kind of thinking
Skylar_Dallas Skylar_Dallas Sep 24, 2016
Actually..... I would LOVE to be LATE even better not show up on the last day of school