Being His Maid

Being His Maid

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lane girl By FreakyChick24 Updated Aug 05

[Under Reconstruction]

❝the war inside me didn't end when you came along, we just fought it together.❞

Sierra Ventresca is a seventeen year old teenager who doesn't have her whole life figured out. She fails exams, doesn't complete her assignments on time, etc. She just wants to skip all the "stressful" parts in life and hop on the better ones but as the saying goes, "You can't get the rainbow until you deal with the rain."

Michael Robins, on the other hand, just likes drowning himself in alcohol. He thinks getting drunk helps with the pain, it doesn't, it just numbs it for a short period of time before it comes back and hits you right in the head but he doesn't want to believe it. According to him, getting drunk is better than kidnapping people or smuggling drugs. Somethings that his father, Jericho, loves doing.

Now put these two together, it's going to be messy, a lot messier than you're expecting. But it's okay, keep expecting. You never know it might just work.

[Story idea credits goes to @paeesha she's a great writer, please go and check out her works. Thank you once again Paeesha!]

ccookkiie ccookkiie Apr 16
Let's take a moment of peace to image him in boxers with some packs n then talk about what's going on
I like the lip piercing but the punk thing ... it ain't ma thang
Don't worry child 👶🏽 your mama is in a better place now
I hate doing the dishes any other job just not the dishes...
mousy188 mousy188 May 31
That would be one hell of an excuse
                              'And why are you late? Do you have any idea how much schooling you Missed?!??
                              'Sorry Mrs. Donalds, I was kidnapped by the Mafia'
munchkey munchkey Feb 05
"Already" oh so this was expected to happen later and not so soon I suppose