Fifty Shades of Fazbear's

Fifty Shades of Fazbear's

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Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where there's more than just delicious pizza and killer animatronics.

Much, much more than killer animatronics.

Disclaimer: I do not own the fan art on the book cover. Credits to Noutty from DeviantArt!

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BaileyFruitbat1 BaileyFruitbat1 Feb 20, 2016
Ok, sorry I was late, I had school.
                              Can you do a Bonnie X Bailey ( my oc ) X Freddy lemon
lalalallaaaaa lalalallaaaaa Aug 24, 2015
Could you please do a foxy x victim!reader so the kid who got bitten comes back when their older and it's just - please make both adorable and sexy ;) also I loooooove your book :3
xXBonnieCPPSXx xXBonnieCPPSXx Aug 13, 2015
Eh uh... Can you make Toy Chica x Fem!Reader (Lesbian Lemon) please? *Toy Bonnie pole-bear puppy eyes*
HollyIsabelle HollyIsabelle Aug 03, 2015
Okay, I know this might sound weird but, Could you do a 
                              Human Fan x Reader
                              Please :)
disheveledEuthanasia disheveledEuthanasia Jul 26, 2015
Hi~  Can you please do a Vincent/purple guy x reader chapter ? Or a Mangle x Foxy one? Pretty please~
Crazykid2047 Crazykid2047 Jul 26, 2015
do you mind doing a foxyxmale reader or a goldenfreddy x springtrap