Shy or Bad boy ([Hiccstrid])

Shy or Bad boy ([Hiccstrid])

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Dragon Rider By NameIsHiccup Updated Apr 10, 2016


He was always at the back with his head down. He was wearing White V-neck Shirt that exposes a bit of his toned chest, Camo pants, Hipster necklace, Gray beanie was placed on his auburn hair and Thick eye glasses were covering his Forest green eyes. He wasn't what you would call a nerd because he doesn't care about grades but he was smart. 

He didn't look bad too because God he looks so yummy as he rub the back of his head and how he would bite his lower lip every time a girl would talk to him. He was popular though the only guy he talks with was Johny, also a popular guy.

I couldn't understand why? 

Guys like him... Hot as hell, Smart as woah, Tall, Lean and Oh so yummy was always... Different.

He makes me curious. 

I woke towards him, enticed by his mere presence and as he tilted his head up, I gave him a smile. 

A smile that I have never shown anyone. 

He was silent as I took a sit beside him. He showed no emotion whatsoever and continued to stare at me. 

My knees f...

Yeah sure like at thaw fest you kissed hiccup and Evan when he woke up from his coma
Nyrala Nyrala Nov 30, 2016
Haha shoulda been: Haven Haiden Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third.
xn--tt xn--tt May 21, 2015
                              My mom is a social worker and she has to read about the signs of an abuser and one sign is clingy.
                              They never leave you alone and always want to know where you are. O.O Why am I so scared for Astrid?