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Within the Death Game (SAO; Kirito X Reader)

Within the Death Game (SAO; Kirito X Reader)

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TheCakinator By TheCakinator Updated Dec 11, 2015

I love SAO, so I decided to make a Reader X Char of my very own.

Yeah, yeah. I know there's practically a billion versions of this. A billion and one won't hurt. c:

Yes. As I breeze through the series, you will take the place of Asuna. However, as you may say some of the things she says in the series, I will try my best to add new scenes and dialogue that Asuna and Kirito did not have.

Extra note: I'm aware that I take really, really long in my publishing. And I apologize for that. I really am. Please hang tight, because it may take a long time, but I always will post a new chapter!

(e/c) = Eye color
(u/n)  = Your name
  (h/c) = Your hair color
 I'll add on to this the further I get.

Gold121221 Gold121221 Oct 09, 2016
Wow. People will be confused with a purple hair and purple eyed person. Cause that's my OC
My username is Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas... 😂😂😂
Ayla_Saiyan_Spell Ayla_Saiyan_Spell Dec 09, 2016
Oh, okay. I always liked video games more than reality, so do go on.
                              Master: Are you serious?
                              Quite. What else should I be worried about? That if I die I won't come back?
                              Master: ...
                              Thought so.
Ayla_Saiyan_Spell Ayla_Saiyan_Spell Dec 09, 2016
I'm Amaterasu, but you can call me Ama (which means Heaven).
Ayla_Saiyan_Spell Ayla_Saiyan_Spell Dec 09, 2016
Kirito-kun! He is so much like me, I like speaking to myself. And if I were looking at him I would do just as Klein did, the only difference would be I'd say "Hi, beta tester, wanna be friends?" So normal.
Aphrodite!! Nobody thinks it's weird that my username is the Greek goddess of love,no,ok!!