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Within the Death Game (SAO; Kirito X Reader)

Within the Death Game (SAO; Kirito X Reader)

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TheCakinator By TheCakinator Updated Dec 11, 2015

I love SAO, so I decided to make a Reader X Char of my very own.

Yeah, yeah. I know there's practically a billion versions of this. A billion and one won't hurt. c:

Yes. As I breeze through the series, you will take the place of Asuna. However, as you may say some of the things she says in the series, I will try my best to add new scenes and dialogue that Asuna and Kirito did not have.

Extra note: I'm aware that I take really, really long in my publishing. And I apologize for that. I really am. Please hang tight, because it may take a long time, but I always will post a new chapter!

(e/c) = Eye color
(u/n)  = Your name
  (h/c) = Your hair color
 I'll add on to this the further I get.

Loliya because it's close to Lola.
                              Kazuto: kirito
Me: *looks at him* Oh hey man! Let me guess, beta tester?
                              Kirito: yeah...
                              Me: cool! Hey, ummm... would you mind showing me around the town? I would really appreciate it!
My username is Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas... 😂😂😂
Ayla_Saiyan_Spell Ayla_Saiyan_Spell Dec 09, 2016
Oh, okay. I always liked video games more than reality, so do go on.
                              Master: Are you serious?
                              Quite. What else should I be worried about? That if I die I won't come back?
                              Master: ...
                              Thought so.
Ayla_Saiyan_Spell Ayla_Saiyan_Spell Dec 09, 2016
I'm Amaterasu, but you can call me Ama (which means Heaven).
Ayla_Saiyan_Spell Ayla_Saiyan_Spell Dec 09, 2016
Kirito-kun! He is so much like me, I like speaking to myself. And if I were looking at him I would do just as Klein did, the only difference would be I'd say "Hi, beta tester, wanna be friends?" So normal.