The Boy Who Never Smiled.

The Boy Who Never Smiled.

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styles1012 By styles1012 Updated Jun 12, 2016

Aston Jackson. The school's loner, so called "bad boy" with an amazing face. He didn't have any friends in school. People in my school are stereotypes. They judge anyone by his/her outward appearance; and Aston being the guy who has many of his body parts covered in black ink, with dark clothes, stoned and cold face expression always, and the main thing.. He never smiles. That's the thing which made kids at school think he's  trouble. Even though he has a body of a Greek God. Tall, muscled with a perfect carved face. Some say he has the most amazing smile ever with voice like chocolate. Unfortunately only some have seen him smile or have actually tried to talk to him. 

      Then there's me. Alicia Payne. Twin sister of the football captain Alex Payne. I think he's the only reason why no one bullies me because if you take my appearance into consideration, then I'm the definition of a nerd.  Brown hair, a taller than 90% whores in school with glasses over my brown eyes. Being the social butterfly that I am, I've made it a point to talk to everyone who's lonely. Then it doesn't matter if it's a popular guy or a science lab nerd. 
  Getting assigned as a partner for a project with Aston changed everything. Who knew there was more about him if you didn't take his outward appearance into account? 


DammSamm DammSamm Jun 16
Emma Stone is my woman crush 😍😍😍 and Nat Wolff??? 😋😋😋😋
FakingLifesince3754 FakingLifesince3754 Oct 23, 2016
This book caught my interest but with the 'you' instead of 'I' I'm not sure if I'll get very far into it. I hope you change it in the next few chapters. Other than that I think this book has a great summary and seems to have a good plot line.
UnicornLover0820 UnicornLover0820 Jul 01, 2016
Me and sasha are the literally the same person minus the bad grades
Snhaitembu Snhaitembu Jun 14, 2016
It has so many 'you's in it. I got lost in which person it is but I think she is reciting what usually happens when they get emails from their absent parents. It's sad actually
Didi_Sastra Didi_Sastra Jun 25, 2016
Same same, but different 
                              Unequal equivalent 
                              They are, they are
uniquenemo uniquenemo Aug 27, 2016
Instead of saying " you just laughed in response" put it as first person point of view... " I just laughed in response" sounds better