[PRIVATE || EDITING] shades of jeon ➶vkook

[PRIVATE || EDITING] shades of jeon ➶vkook

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queen of teasers By pseudokiss Updated 2 days ago

Abducted. Locked. Owned.

Could one still seek love in a world that he was forced to live in? 

"Starting today, you'll call me master."


[]contains r18, mature and sexual themes
boyxboy, top!kook

don't like? don't read.


ktholic ktholic Jun 22
ok this book made me switch from top!tae trash to top!kook trash
Blissfill Blissfill Jul 23
Oh poor vhope... tho Tae don't forget whose fault it is that your in this mess. Let this be a lesson to you.
thehyunqs thehyunqs Jul 28
VHope was my first OTP and I switched to TaeKook 3 weeks later and that wAS TWO YEARS AGO SO NOW IM HAVING A TON OF FLASHBACKS
-asianmilk -asianmilk Jun 02
I don't care about anything like rlly nothing triggers me unless it's sad asf or is jeon's making me pissed off but other than I like descriptive smut 😏 ( unless it's rape I'd still read but I'd be yelling)