After Midnight

After Midnight

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odemira By odemira Updated Apr 12

Their worlds collide and their lives change forever. 

A journey neither expects.

He from a world that shouldn't exist and she in a world she can barely manage.

Ally McNaught is twenty six years old and so far unlucky in love. She lives in the small city of Rapid Falls with her family near by. While out getting coffee one day she runs in to Wesley Stefansen, a local entrepreneur and over all hunk, she is instantly smitten but after spilling a cup of hot coffee on him she knows she has no chance.

Wesley Stefansen is a successful businessman with a secret to hide. He is the future Alpha of a pack that lies far to the west of Rapid Falls. He runs in to a human girl one day and knows his life is about to change forever and it angers him. He escaped his pack so that he could live the life that he wanted but it seems that fate has something completely different planned for him.

How is he supposed to be with a human girl, a clueless one at that. How is he supposed to take her home to his pack and expect them to not want to tear her limb from limb. 

They both have secrets but who will crack first?

  • alpha
  • city
  • love
  • pack
  • wolf
Holland_Eve Holland_Eve Feb 04, 2017
This is gonna be horrible for me😩😩 
                              I can already tell that I love this book and there are only 14 chapters, I'm gonna speed through these and then I'm gonna cry because it's not enough to quench my thirst
Holland_Eve Holland_Eve Feb 04, 2017
Not sure if you mentioned this, but what type of shop does Ally run??
odemira odemira Apr 23, 2015
@AlmostFamousFriends I hope you like the rest of it. new chapter might be up today :)
AlmostFamousFriends AlmostFamousFriends Apr 22, 2015
dude yes, I'm in love with how this is going so far. I'm excited to read the rest of it!