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Amanda By Mander_Pander Completed

(#1 In Sci-Fi!)        

For ninety-nine years, humanity has cowered behind force fields from a deadly foe that nearly caused the extermination of the human race. 
The Ruins. 
These cracked-skinned, black-eyed monsters had previously been humans who had fallen to the Macula infection, which results in the complete transformation of the genetic code. During this time, brain function slowly diminishes, until they have only one instinct.
Nobody dares to leave the force fields. Nobody but the Observers, whose main function is to go out into Ruin territory and study the creatures. This branch of the government, of course, is only available to the suicidal.

Or, as sixteen-year-old Kyler Kendrick puts it, the inherently curious.

Although, being thrown in a squad with nine other people isn't as easy as it sounds. For one, personalities of shy, or awkward, or sly, or depressed, or overly-excited, or feisty, or brooding people don't always mesh smoothly. Two, everyone has a secret. Whether it be a tragic past or a hopeless future or an innate ability, everyone conceals something.

Even Kyler. And his secret may be the most dangerous of them all.

marynkt marynkt Mar 11
beautiful intro u can barely find these kind of books these days
quitblocks quitblocks Mar 11
What an great first chapter. It's very interesting, and definitely will be reading more chapters! 👍🏻
RitaWheeler RitaWheeler Jan 03
I totally love the story thus far. You have hooked me completely! ☺
RitaWheeler RitaWheeler Jan 03
I hope you dont mind me saying this but this sentence is a bit odd, 'startling her head upright'? Perhaps you could say that 'the wind whistled past her window, startling her. She looked up'. It's just a thought. Hope you dont mind. 😊
carmenlo9 carmenlo9 Feb 15
Oh, they are classified! Therefore it makes sense to study them.
RitaWheeler RitaWheeler Jan 03
What bearing on the Ruins does the sun have? Do they need it to survive?